Fault and solution of vacuum brick machine in the course of using

02 Aug 2018 03:36

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Vacuum Brick machine is a kind of equipment that can produce hollow and high strength bricks.Compared to the ordinary brick block making machine machine, it is more in line with the concept of Low-carbon environmental protection, can save energy, in line with the development of the construction industry.In the use of vacuum brick machine equipment, there will inevitably be some unexpected failures, in the face of these failures, how do we solve? Next, I will introduce you.1. In the use of vacuum brick machine equipment, we will find that the vacuum brick machine equipment "pendulum head" stability is very poor, and no matter how fiddling, it seems that there is no use.In fact, the reason for the "swing head" stability is poor, many times not because of the machine itself, so it is not useful to check whether the machine itself fails.This is why so many laymen cannot solve such a simple problem.This is because the vacuum brick machine equipment in the addition of different nature of raw materials, due to the axis of the mud to go faster, the shaft outside the mud to walk slowly, so that the speed of the mud flow is stratified phenomenon, and this phenomenon led to the "pendulum head" instability.In this respect, before adding mud, we need to mix the mud of different natures evenly, thus reducing the moisture of the mud, and the velocity of the shaft and the mud at the axis is consistent. clay-brick-making-machine-price.jpg 2. Vacuum brick machine equipment to place mud, the machine can not press the mud.This is one of the most common problems that can lead to this problem in the following ways.The first is the vacuum brick machine equipment of the cutter blade surface is too rough, making it contact with the mud friction increased, resulting in mud difficult to sag.In this, can only be replaced by the blade blades.The second is because the reamer, mud cylinder wall liner has serious wear and tear, in both cases, can also lead to the mud is difficult to sag.To do this, replace the worn parts by replacing the reamer, the mud cylinder wall, or the inner wall of the liner with several roots parallel to or inclined to the axial ribs.No matter what kind of fault, we all need to learn to rule out.Some common vacuum brick machine equipment failure of some of the possibility of elimination, and finally the cause of the failure.Root root failure, the solution to solve the problem, then we will be able to do more.The above mentioned is only the most common fault, there are some uncommon or need to master.

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