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What are the characteristics of the equipment of the stone-making machine in the counting road - 26 Nov 2018 09:58


With the continuous development of infrastructure, the use of bricks has also appeared a large demand, the production of bricks can not be separated from the right brick Steel Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine to join.Depending on the performance and definition, the type of brick making machine is different, among which the road along the stone brick machine is a good example.The following and Lontto machine together to understand the advantages of the next road along the stone brick machine? Generally we will use the road along the stone brick machine to the production of concrete pavement, the general many infrastructure will appear along the road stone brick Machine shadow, So in the use and production of the use of this machine performance will be reflected in what angle? Road along the stone brick machine used the brick machine popular hydraulic mode as the basic structure, the main use of hydraulic power is mainly reflected in the operation of the equipment to facilitate the process, while the use of hydraulic methods can be very good to help the equipment better maintenance and maintenance.The use of hydraulic is also very good to avoid the wear of equipment, so that the use of equipment more stable.The new road along the stone brick machine will use a single hydraulic cylinder as a guarantee, this design is a good solution to the use of parallel bars do not sync the problem, for the operation of the equipment brought a giant national company occupies more than 50% of the bearing market, Japan's five major bearing companies occupy more than 80% of the country Many of Europe's bearing companies are occupying 1/3 of the bearing market, however, in China, although the number of bearing enterprises, but with a certain scale is really small, small size in the industry will not occupy the concentration of a certain advantage, whether the supply system or the production speed of equipment will have a certain problem.Service for the whole large bearing processing market, not only research and development, the end of the sales and production are important factors in the development of the market.For equipment customers, choose the right sales and after-sale is also a large part of their use, of course, this is accompanied by the overall development of the market.In short, the service is also a large bearing processing market short board part.In a word, there are still many problems in the development of large bearing processing market, in this process, we need some system and talents as accumulation.I believe that with the support of funds, talents and related policies, the development of large bearing processing market will definitely achieve better performance, interested customers can go to China's Zhejiang forest to understand the corresponding situation.curbstone-machine.jpg - Comments: 0

Application methods and advantages of color paving brick machinery and equipment - 08 Aug 2018 08:56


The color paving brick machine is a kind of equipment which is used to produce colorful paving bricks and tiles.Some color paving brick machine equipment can produce the above varieties of bricks, but also can produce bread bricks, hollow bricks and road along the stone.This shows that color paving brick machinery and equipment can produce more varieties of products.The modern color paving brick machine equipment small size, the production efficiency is high, the transportation and the maintenance is convenient, easy to start and so on characteristic.Whether they are low-skilled workers or highly educated craftsmen, they can skillfully operate color paving brick machinery and equipment.And with the development of China's urban construction, huge market demand has also given a wide range of color paving brick machinery and equipment market.But when you use, do not forget the color paving brick machine equipment for day-to-day maintenance.Color paving brick machinery and equipment produced by the high quality of clay brick Making machine, concrete performance for high intensity, high permeability, do not skid.It can meet the requirements of municipal bricks and engineering bricks.These bricks are rich in color, wide range of uses, materials environmental protection, can be used in a large number of road sides, sidewalks, flower beds, fences and other places, especially municipal works on this type of bricks in great demand.This shows the broad market in this field.The modern color paving brick machine equipment has been improved many times, has been able to achieve high energy saving and environmental protection level, vibration power is bigger.However, in the day-to-day operation of the process, we still need to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine.First of all, if we find that the machine is not enough vibration when the brick, to check the pressure on the topped cylinder is not too high.If too high to the oil cylinder on the pipeline to discharge pressure.On the other hand, if it is found that the pressure is too low when the mold, resulting in loose brick surface, we need to adjust the oil cylinder on the pipeline pressure relief valve.These two operations can reduce the breakage rate of the brick.In addition, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine, often clean color paving brick machinery and equipment.Because the color paving brick machinery and equipment in the work will produce more dust, if these dust in peacetime do not get clean, will hinder the operation of the machine, serious time will plug the machine.We can take apart the shell of the machine, clean the inside of the machine, and then replace the lubricating oil.If there is a larger problem with the machine, we do not recommend that the user overhaul the machine. lontto-qt3-20-004.jpg At this time, users should immediately stop using the machine, and contact the manufacturer's after-sales service. - Comments: 0

How about the price of brick making machine? How to choose the right price for the product? - 06 Aug 2018 08:44


In the market of brick making machine and a lot of people in the process of selection, in addition to pay attention to the quality of brick machine, but also to a certain extent, pay attention to the price of clay brick making Machine price In india machine, if you really can choose to inexpensive products, but also a lot of people are very happy, then everyone in the choice of brick machine, how to ensure that the price of brick machines is reasonable? Look at the general prices in the industry what is the first thing you can see how the brick machine in the industry price is how, but need to pay attention to the type of brick machine, the current market in the type of brick machine is still very many, in the conduct of inspection, should pay more attention to these aspects.For example, the market has cement brick machine, garbage brick machine, color paving brick machine, road along stone brick machine and so on, different kinds of brick machine production cost itself is not the same, the use effect is not the same, so the price is certainly not the same, if you want to buy cement brick machine, but to understand the price of color paving brick machine, and to compare, This is certainly unreasonable. lontto-qt3-20-004.jpg Before looking at the price, first understand their actual needs, after all, different types of cement brick machine, the price is completely different, we can first understand their actual needs, and then make the corresponding choice, and then choose to the quality of the more suitable cement brick machine.Make sure that you buy the brick machine's budget, of course, in the purchase of brick making machines, should also see more of the budget of the brick machine, sometimes the budget is not reasonable, this is not possible, such as not easy to pay a large price to buy a device, the quality of all aspects of the equipment are very satisfied, but found that their production costs quickly increased, This is definitely not going to work.When the customer buys, can calculate own cost first, look at how much money you have to spend to buy the products that really make you satisfied, at the same time will not lead to their own production costs have been upgraded, and then in the process of purchase, the product quality and price comparisons, the final purchase to the charming cheap products, This is the correct way to buy a brick machine.Want to buy a very good quality products, we must pay more attention to the quality of the product in the process of purchase, but also should look at the price of the problem, if the price is reasonable, superior quality, then to buy, the effect will certainly be more recognition of everyone. - Comments: 0

Lontto machine tell you what the performance advantages of brick making machine - 04 Aug 2018 03:45


With the development of the economy and the deepening of infrastructure, the demand for building materials is gradually increasing, especially the bricks, the choice of the right brick machine equipment appears very important.The continuous influx of new technology and the improvement of production technology make the new type of brick machine performance advantages more outstanding, and here we talk about the new type of brick making machine equipment use performance:Equipment structure in the process of equipment design to the equipment of the initial optimization of the structure, brick making machine including the following parts, power systems, processing systems, feeding systems, in the process of designing equipment for the use of the needs and procedures for the various parts of the equipment optimization, not only to save the equipment occupy space, At the same time for the use of equipment has brought great convenience.In the process of design use a lot of stable structure to ensure the operation of more stable equipment.The performance of the brick making machine is excellent design principle is the premise of equipment performance, brick machine is a very good representative, in the design process of the performance of the full optimization, the first is the power of the equipment, the use of more powerful power motor for the equipment to provide power, while operating in the process of equipment noise has been very good control, For the equipment to operate the environment laid a good foundation.Not only is the power of the equipment, the operating performance of the equipment is also so, for the simple operation of the operation of the equipment has been simplified, users do not need to spend much time to understand the operation of the equipment.Economic performance of brick making machine the economic performance of brick making machines is reflected in the efficiency of their use in raw materials, equipment material supply system can be used for the use of the material in general to do a screening, at the same time, combined with the corresponding processing equipment can make the material processing quickly into the subject, improve the overall effectiveness of the equipment work, At the same time because of the unique optimization design, brick Cement block making machine machine on the use of power is also more scientific. cement-brick-making-machin-price-list.jpg In short, the use of brick making machine advantages and advantages for the use of equipment has laid a good foundation, choose the right brick machine provider is very important, Lontto machine is a professional brick making machine provider, has a professional market experience and service system, welcome interested customers choose to contact us, I'm sure I won't let you down. - Comments: 0

Why the brick machine equipment will fail? How to improve its efficiency? - 03 Aug 2018 03:39


In the industrial production, will use a variety of equipment, these equipment in the process of using a number of glitches will always occur, thus affecting efficiency, brick machine equipment is also so, so why in the use of this equipment will fail, how can we improve its efficiency? Let's look at the introduction below.The reasons for the failure of the brick block making machine machine equipment:If the use of the time if not clean up the equipment of the hydraulic components and hose, will make the equipment in the running time wear, a long time will lead to equipment failure; equipment in the maintenance of the time must pay attention to the demolition equipment of the hydraulic tank, hydraulic tubing, detection holes and other parts, These parts need to be thoroughly cleaned before they can be used again.Methods to improve the working efficiency of brick making machine:To improve the efficiency of the equipment, not only from the installation and operation of the beginning, but also pay attention to the daily maintenance of equipment and maintenance, the only way to play the biggest advantage of equipment, but with the continuous progress of science and technology, the fittest things happen every moment, so the manufacturer of brick machine equipment in order to gain a foothold in the competition, Through continuous efforts to improve the function and efficiency of the equipment.The equipment in the operation of the need for a reasonable choice of cement varieties, as far as possible to choose the strength of high, durable good varieties, but also in accordance with the conditions of use of equipment to select the corresponding and have a special performance of varieties, but also to control the amount of cement and water ash, because this can ensure the equipment production of dense and durable products.The performance of this kind of equipment is very superior, operation method is very simple, if you want to ensure the efficiency of the equipment, we must find professional equipment manufacturers, only in this way to provide customers with the best equipment configuration, and whether pre-sale or after-sale, we can enjoy the best service, a variety of product technical problems, once the emergence of They can all be settled in time. block-making-machine-price.jpg This is for the brick machine equipment to make the relevant introduction, hope that this content can let you know, this device has some advantages, if you want to improve the efficiency of equipment, the first thing to do is not only to see these simple methods Oh, we also pay attention to the choice of equipment manufacturers and the use of professional maintenance and maintenance. - Comments: 0

Fault and solution of vacuum brick machine in the course of using - 02 Aug 2018 03:36


Vacuum Brick machine is a kind of equipment that can produce hollow and high strength bricks.Compared to the ordinary brick block making machine machine, it is more in line with the concept of Low-carbon environmental protection, can save energy, in line with the development of the construction industry.In the use of vacuum brick machine equipment, there will inevitably be some unexpected failures, in the face of these failures, how do we solve? Next, I will introduce you.1. In the use of vacuum brick machine equipment, we will find that the vacuum brick machine equipment "pendulum head" stability is very poor, and no matter how fiddling, it seems that there is no use.In fact, the reason for the "swing head" stability is poor, many times not because of the machine itself, so it is not useful to check whether the machine itself fails.This is why so many laymen cannot solve such a simple problem.This is because the vacuum brick machine equipment in the addition of different nature of raw materials, due to the axis of the mud to go faster, the shaft outside the mud to walk slowly, so that the speed of the mud flow is stratified phenomenon, and this phenomenon led to the "pendulum head" instability.In this respect, before adding mud, we need to mix the mud of different natures evenly, thus reducing the moisture of the mud, and the velocity of the shaft and the mud at the axis is consistent. clay-brick-making-machine-price.jpg 2. Vacuum brick machine equipment to place mud, the machine can not press the mud.This is one of the most common problems that can lead to this problem in the following ways.The first is the vacuum brick machine equipment of the cutter blade surface is too rough, making it contact with the mud friction increased, resulting in mud difficult to sag.In this, can only be replaced by the blade blades.The second is because the reamer, mud cylinder wall liner has serious wear and tear, in both cases, can also lead to the mud is difficult to sag.To do this, replace the worn parts by replacing the reamer, the mud cylinder wall, or the inner wall of the liner with several roots parallel to or inclined to the axial ribs.No matter what kind of fault, we all need to learn to rule out.Some common vacuum brick machine equipment failure of some of the possibility of elimination, and finally the cause of the failure.Root root failure, the solution to solve the problem, then we will be able to do more.The above mentioned is only the most common fault, there are some uncommon or need to master. - Comments: 0

What is the working principle of a new generation of building waste brick making machine? - 27 Jul 2018 17:21


What is the processing way of building rubbish brick making machine? In short, this is the workflow of this type of equipment.Have to say, after several years of technological development, so that all kinds of high-tech production devices have emerged.A new generation of building garbage brick machine has an intelligent operating system, operation is very simple, can provide you with better quality bricks raw materials.For the construction of garbage brick machine treatment, has been a lot of businesses are concerned about the content of information.In-depth understanding of this information, so that everyone better to buy and use.Here we will listen to the professional interpretation of the introduction.Construction waste brick making machine treatment method first, this kind of equipment want to use construction waste to carry on the related brick production procedure, then need to go through five different stages, including sorting, crushing, sieving and block making machine bricks, drying and so on, each process has a certain attention matters.Second, especially in the initial stage, we need to classify different kinds of construction waste, because the different types of refuse, may have a direct impact on the quality of their bricks.In general, this time will use the professional mobile crushing station to pick up their rubbish, and take the broken process, and eventually will need to use the construction waste to sift together.Third, have to say, want to complete the construction of garbage brick, must be used to different equipment, including a variety of primary screening equipment and related impact crusher and other equipment, they can also be used as a building waste brick machine processing part of the way.Four, usually we need to be building garbage mobile crushing station building in the construction site or surrounding areas, so as to timely achieve the material supply, in addition to its materials can be better to adopt a certain production and processing mode.V, under normal circumstances, the need for processing of construction waste will use primary screening equipment, did not meet the requirements will again be screened into the crusher, to take further crushing process, to help it achieve more delicate finely.VI, after the crushing of a variety of materials will be magnetic removal of the help of iron, effectively remove the presence of massive iron material. cement-brick-making-machine-price1.jpg Seven, in addition, will also use a number of professional equipment and processes to help these materials to remove the existence of some impurities, dirt, etc., to ensure that the final production of bricks with better quality.Through the simple introduction above, I believe we have a preliminary understanding of the construction of brick making machine, and now the use of such equipment businesses, enterprises have been very much, if you want to further master the construction of garbage brick machine equipment related information, you can always pay attention to the update of our website dynamics. - Comments: 0

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